Looking for a Time & Attendance partner to help improve business efficiency, scheduling and timekeeping? Our HostedTime platform is a comprehensive solution that dramatically improves how you run your business. We support punch data via timeclocks, IVR telephony, mobile and other platforms.


Why use HostedTime?

HostedTime allows multiple input options and can also verify offsite employees via multiple Visit Verification options. Our time clocks support RF/smart card badges, barcode badges, magnetic stripe badges in place of users entering their badge numbers manually. All pay data is calculated in real time and alerts are fired exactly when they occur. Automating the management of the workforce via HostedTime will generate savings via reduction of overtime and better employee tracking.

Cloud Based

HostedTime is a cloud based offering so there is no computer hardware to install on site. Just use your favorite web browser to access HostedTime 24/7 from any location. We handle all the hardware, maintenance, upgrades and patches. This means you are always at the latest version and lets you focus on your business instead of on timekeeping.


HostedTime is access via SSL over HTTPS so all your data is encrypted when sending information to us. Additionally, out time clocks also encrypt all sensitive communication with AES 256 before sending it to HostedTime AND the clock database itself is encrypted in AES 256.

Windows Look and Feel

HostedTime looks and feels like you are using a regular windows application from our accordion menus to our tabbed design.