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Applicant Tracking System

We know how important it is to hire the best people for your business; with HostedTime, we've made that process easier and more accurate. With HostedTime, recruit, interview, screen, and track potential candidates all from one place. How you hire new employees can determine what your business can achieve.


Our Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is integrated with HostedTime, simplifying the hiring process. This cuts down on paperwork via electronic onboarding, and shortens the time it takes to add a new hire to a payroll. All their information from the job application is transferred to their profile upon hiring.

Applicant Screening
Job Posting
Hiring Center ATS


ATS Overview

Hiring Center ATS

HostedTime's Hiring Center is designed to be the only hiring tool you will need. The ATS Dashboard shows applicant analytics at a glance while keeping you up to date on upcoming interviews. Create a New Job, respond to a candidate, post jobs and more all from the Hiring Center. 

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Applicant Screening

HostedTime's Applicant Tracking System will help verify a candidate's information prior to hiring. Request a background check from candidates profile. This will help avoid any potential fraud, theft or litigation. Ensuring you have the right people to help your business thrive.

Financial Report


HostedTime's ATS Reports help you manage Job posting, applicants status, and application process. View which job recruiter sites applicants are using the most. With the application status report, view, a breakdown of where applicants stand in the review pipeline. Stay on top of hiring trends to find the perfect candidates for your business.  

Taking Notes


HostedTime's integration with ATS makes the on-boarding process smoother. Distribute company policies, forms, and any other information, all from HostedTime. All information will be ported in, making an employee's start smooth from day one.

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HostedTime, built for all your applicant tracking needs.

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