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Tracking employee time and attendance and managing access control is one of the biggest challenges at medical and healthcare facilities. Patient care requires around-the-clock operations and complex schedules. Variable working patterns, flexible scheduling, and strict workplace rules make time and attendance management difficult. To help make time management less labor intensive, healthcare facilities must rely on efficient technology.

Commercial Buildings


P100 Overview
P100 Timeclock_edited.png

The P-100

The Polygrammic P-100 is a fully featured terminal that uses Fujitsu PalmSecure to authenticate the user’s identity. P-100 integrates seamlessly with access control applications, to save time, reduce administrative costs, and develop protocols to protect employees and company.

What Makes The P-100 Different?



Simplifies time and attendance with Fujitsu PalmSecure Technology. With seamless integration of Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric authentication technology, the Polygrammic P-100 makes access control in the workplace effortless.


Fujitsu PalmSecure Technology 

PalmSecure™ is a leading-edge authentication system using biometric technology that authenticates users based on vein pattern recognition rather than iris scanners or fingerprint readers.

Data Processing

Device Management

ASP-ready software, capable of simultaneously managing a large number of geographically distributed terminals for multiple companies. While providing real-time integration with timekeeping/gate access systems.

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