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Visit Verification

Visit Verification is a cornerstone feature to help manage employees that make in-person visits to clients. To verify a visit, we provide three separate options: telephone, GPS or presence device.


Visit Verifcation Features
Office employee

IVR / Telephone

When arriving at the customer site, the employee will use the customer's landline or cell phone to dial an 800 number. The system will only accept calls from the customer phone and will reject all others. This confirms that the employee is on-site. The 800 number is used so there is no cost to the client. Multiple languages are available for the phone system.

Image by Maxim Hopman

Mobile / GPS

When arriving at the customer site, the employee uses their mobile phone to clock in. The system will ONLY accept clock-ins if the employee is within the "configured" distance from the customer address. If they are outside the expected radius, the punch is rejected with an error.

Commuter Using Mobile Phone

Presence Device

What happens if the customer doesn't have a phone, refuses to allow its usage, or simply has no service? A presence device is a stand alone device that requires no power or internet. The battery in this self-contained unit lasts about 3-5 years. The customer retains possession of the device and you utilize it when you start/end the visit.

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