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Mobile App

We know how important technology is for any business to be successful and grow. To help your business keep up with the increasing pace of technological advancement, we created the HostedTime mobile app.

HT Mobile

HT Mobile Overview

Our HT mobile app is the perfect companion to HostedTime, a modern tool in the palm of your hands. Clock in and out, view paystubs, request time off, and with the new message center, staying connected with your team is now even easier than before.

Punch in/out
View Schedule
Message Center
View Timecard
Request Leave
View Pay Stub
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Mobile Timeclock

HostedTime mobile app can be used by employees to clock in and out. The app is GPS enabled, meaning employees must be within the configured area in order to clock in or out, restricting any form of time stealing. Employee can clock hours right from their phones, making it another great tool to have.

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Work Details

HostedTime Mobile App helps employees stay informed. Timecards, schedules, and open shifts can be accessed from the palm of their hand, empowering employees to be more independent and driven.

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Leave Requests

HostedTime mobile spp goes beyond just viewing your timecard or schedule. Employees can request time off from their mobile phone by using the leave function. They can view their PTO balance, request time off, and receive notification upon approval.

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Message Center

Communication with your team is vital. To make communication more efficient, the message center allows you to send messages to a select few, or a mass message to the team, all from our app. Finding a replacement for a call-out has never been easier.

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