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HostedTime advanced scheduling allows optimization of staff schedules in minutes; allowing you to build in all your time off requests, put the right person on the right job, meet your regulatory compliance needs, and optimize labor costs.

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HostedTime is the right tool to help managers control labor costs and avoid schedule conflicts. HostedTime will ensure that you are not understaffed, helping improve service quality and customer expectations. Reduce overstaffing and easily meet operational and compliance demands, all from one system. Make the most effective use of your workforce with HostedTime.

Master Schedule
Weekly Schedule
Daily Schedule
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Scheduling Overview
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Master Schedules

Set up your schedule weeks in advance by determining which shifts an employee will be scheduled for. Fill out all your holiday, personal, and vacation time in advance and it will automatically appear on the employee timecard for payroll processing.


Daily Schedule

Manage the daily schedule and receive printouts of the daily staff broken out by shift. Easily determine who is working when and where.

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Quickly find replacements by looking at employee availability. Notify potential replacements directly from HostedTime using text messaging and receive a confirmation from within the application that an employee has accepted/declined a fill shift request.

Working with Financial Documents


Set up budgetary numbers by position, shift, unit/floor. Verify that you are meeting budgetary totals when scheduling staff.

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Built for all your scheduling needs.

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