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HostedTime's Workforce Management is designed to help maintain internal and external communication; assist with scheduling; provide performance metrics, & help you stay on top of the day-to-day operations. Every employer, regardless of their industry or size share a common desire, to be more productive and efficient than their competition. 


HostedTime is the only tool you will need to effectively manage costs, improve productivity, and grow your business. Whether your team is in-house, working from home, or on the go, our Workforce Management is built to support all your business needs.

HR Management
Message Center
Benefits Management
Labor Management
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Workforce Mgmt Overview
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Message Center

Communication with your team is vital. Not all of us tend to check our work email as frequently. To make communication more efficient, we've introduced a Message Center to HostedTime Mobile App. Send messages to a select few, or a mass message to the team, all from our app. Finding a replacement for a call-out has never been easier.

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HR Managment

Using the right HR management tools will help ensure all operations are efficient as possible. HostedTime offers better accuracy, tracking and reporting, helping you comply with ever-changing laws and avoid the costs found with manual processes or outdated technology.

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Managers can view different data, such as punches, tardiness, performance metrics all in real time using HostedTime's Dashboard. Run reports using real time data to find trends using a multitude of filters or indicators.

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Benefits Management

With HostedTime, you can rest assured all of your employees' benefits, such as PTO, or extended absences can easily be tracked. HostedTime will apply specific business rules assigned to employees to ensure efficient and accurate pay and benefit accruing.

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HostedTime, built for all your Workforce Management needs.

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